"Lato to dobry okres."

Translation:Summer is a good period.

December 20, 2015

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You don't say periods, you say seasons.


Yes, you are right, however this sentence means probably something different ("That summer was a good period of my life"). By the way, "Seasons" translates to "pory roku".


This is one of several cases where you knowing the literal translation is more important than "making it sound right". The further you get from a language's family tree, the more often you can't always count on there being a literal translation of a word. English has such an astounding wealth of Romance loanwords that it's easy to forget how little intelligibility there actually is between branches of a major language family. (I'm noticing Polish has a decent amount of Romance loanwords as well, just for completely different things!)


Anyone have a link to an explanation of when 'to' can be used instead of 'jest'? Thought I had it figured but obviously not


On this answer, could you have put 'Summer is not a good time' ? Or is that incorrect? Thanks.


"time" is accepted, but here, Summer IS a good time :)


OOOHH. So sorry! Read the sentence wrong. :(


That's why you count years of life by summers in Polish? Lol


"Summer is a good time period" was not accepted.


It is a pleonasm, but a quite common one, therefore added.


I wrote "Summer is a.good time of year" and it was marked wrong?!. I can tell you that it's much more acceptable in English than "Summer is a good period. "

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