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  5. "I have a high temperature."

"I have a high temperature."

Translation:Я маю високу температуру.

December 20, 2015



Why can't i say у мене є висока температура?


Difference between "у мене є" and "у мене"?


У мене є is I have smth, I own smth, e.g. bag or dignity. You can hardly say that you own high temperature :) Though, the boundary between these two is rather blurred. To tell the truth, У мене є висока температура is not quite wrong, but sounds weird.


In Polish we own high temperature ("mam temperaturę" like "mam samochód").


In Ukrainian you also may say "я маю температуру".


Why is it "високу" instead of "висока"?


Because there's not a direct object of a verb in there. У мене висока температура is literally "there is a high temperature with me", which means high temperature is the subject and has to be in the nominative.

If you used the verb мати, then you would have a direct object and need the accusative form: Я маю високу температуру.

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