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  5. "Oni mnie nie widzą."

"Oni mnie nie widzą."

Translation:They do not see me.

December 20, 2015


[deactivated user]

    "Wy mnie nie widzicie!" - John Cena


    I can say "Oni nie widza mnie" right?


    If you want to stress that it is you they cannot see…


    How much does the sentence structure matter in this example? Should the second pronoun "mnie" always come directly after the first pronoun of the sentence "oni"?


    The structure looks like that because we avoid putting a pronoun at the end of the sentence, if possible - otherwise it sounds like "They do not see ME", with a rarely natural emphasis. The only other possibility here is before the (negated) verb, because it surely can't start the sentence.


    Is "Oni nie mnie widzą" valid in polish ?


    In a way, yes. But it means "It is not me that they see (they see someone else)".

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