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"Das Praktikum"

Translation:The internship

December 20, 2015



Is there a reason "practicum" is not an acceptable answer? A practicum is a kind of internship.


Probably because it's an EXTREMELY uncommonly used term. Even most people in that type don't usually use the term, purely because it's easier than trying to explain the subtle differences between that and a standard internship.


I do not think it is an uncommon term. I use/hear it quite frequently.


What's the difference between 'Praktikum' and 'Ausbildung'? I thought 'Ausbildung' means internship


Praktikum is a bit more like work experience -- I'd say usually between two and four weeks, probably unpaid. By children in the last years of school to get a flavour of different jobs or just of work life in general, or for a student to try out a job they might like to take after they finish.

Ausbildung takes longer, between two and three years, and trains you for a particular job. You get paid during your Ausbildung and it's a mixture of school and work (it could be several weeks of school at once, then several weeks of work, or the school could be one to three days a week with the remaining days being work). I'm not sure whether that's a Thing in the English-speaking world and thus whether there's a proper name for it.

"Apprenticeship" is one word I've heard to translate Ausbildung, but I think apprenticeship is used more commonly in hands-on labour such as woodworking or plumbing, which in German usually have a Lehre rather than an Ausbildung. But the idea is similar.


Sorry I meant "Internship" is a word rarely used in Uk


when you can't hear anything on a listening comprehension :(


This should definitely also be translated as "the practical". I study at a German university and what we refer to within the faculty as "ein Praktikum" is a practical exercise task, for example in the lab or in the field, which at my Australian university were referred to as "practicals".


I said "Training period" which was marked wrong. Internship is not a word rarely used in UK


Praktikum should not translate as internship. It refers to a laboratory practical class


What refers to a laboratory practical class, the German Praktikum or the English internship?

Also, where are you from?

I've seen internship used in the US to refer to work experience in an office, for example, and that can be ein Praktikum as well.


Why "traineeship" was not accepted?


That is the same. A period of practical training or service as someone who is employed at a low level in a particular job in order to learn the skills needed for that job.


In US English, I've heard the first year of training for a newly-graduated doctor being referred to as an internship. Other fields of study may have their first year of practical experience being referred to as an internship. Perhaps Praktikum refers to the same thing in Germany?

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