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  5. "Przynieś mi ten horyzont."

"Przynieś mi ten horyzont."

Translation:Bring me the horizon.

December 20, 2015



I'm pretty sure it's a quote from the end of Pirates of the Caribbean


I think a sentence that isn't obvious like this one makes you think more about the answer rather than just guessing. If we were doing dining and the answer was "bring me the menu" you would only need to recognise "bring me"


What does this mean?


The speaker asks some other person to bring the horizon to them.

I think it's pretty clear.


The horizon is the line where the Earth or sea seems to meet the sky (m-w.com). It is not something that can be brought to a person. It's possible it's a figure of speech, but it's not one I've ever heard before. EDIT: It's the last line in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl", but that doesn't really help me any.

[deactivated user]

    Agreed. Without context this is a really strange sentence. At least in English.


    I guess it is like when a girl says to a boy to "bring me the moon/star" something like that, but it is a really strange sentence I agree


    Or one of the people who made this course really like the band "Bring Me the Horizon". ;P


    They're a screamo band. Think punk, but with high pitched whiny vocals.


    They could refer to the after shave by Guy Laroche.


    Doesn't this translate to "bring me THAT horizon"?


    It can, but the literal translation will have "this horizon".

    Anyway, the Polish sentence will be changed to just "Przynieś mi horyzont", as this is the exact translation of the name of the band.


    I'm afraid I'm too old to get the band reference. To me this sounds like the infamous "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously"

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