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  5. "Was ist das höchste Gebot?"

"Was ist das höchste Gebot?"

Translation:What is the highest bid?

December 20, 2015



I thought Gebot was commandment and Angebot would be bid or offer?

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    Gebot does translate as commandment according to http://dict.tu-chemnitz.de, could someone shed a light on that?


    ''Gebot'' also could mean ''bid''

    gibt es ein höheres Gebot? = does anyone bid more?


    Martin Luther used "Gebot" to translate the Latin word "mandatum" in the Vulgate or "ἐντολὴ" in Greek. The translators of the King James version chose "commandment", which has a narrower meaning than "Gebot", and that choice has been retained in all or most later English translations. For an example in Luther's translation of Mark 12, 29-30, see https://www.biblestudytools.com/lut/markus/12.html


    And, for example, in Luther's translation of Matthew 22:36, the exact phrase from the exercise "das höchste Gebot" is often translated "the greatest commandment in English".


    It seems that the term has various meanings according to context. So in a commercial context it means "bid" and in a religious context it means "commandment". Here is a dictionary entry showing this and some other meanings too:



    I'm a somewhat native speaker (raised bilingual, mostly speak English) and I've only ever heard it as commandment...


    Du sollst den Herrn, deinen Gott, lieben von ganzem Herzen, von ganzer Seele und von ganzem Gemüt. Dies ist das höchste und größte Gebot. Das andere aber ist dem gleich: Du sollst deinen Nächsten lieben wie dich selbst.


    "What is the highest commandment?" is also correct!


    Indeed! I just filled this out, but it was counted wrong


    "Das Gebot" can also mean "the commandment" (as in the 10...)


    Which one is correct??(pronuncation) I searched several dictionaries and found out two different pronunciations. Mostly like "hoosh s te" and few like " hoxte". And i heard from my friend( who speaks german fluently) "hoxte" is compeletly fine. Saying " hoosh s te" is difficult for me and i am pretty comfortable with "hoxte". Can a native speaker confirm " hoxte"? And which one is better?


    "höxte" and "höchste" are both fine in terms of pronunciation. I use them both myself. "Hoxte" is not. The vowel needs to be an ö not an o, that part is non-negotiable.


    Your comment helped me a lot. Thank you very much.


    This exact phrase can mean either "highest bid" or "highest commandment". For examples where it means "commandment", do a google search on the whole quoted phrase plus the word Bibel.

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    Difference between bieten and Gebot, please?


    Well, for one, "bieten" is a verb, and "das Gebot" is a noun.

    For their meanings: Pons.com, Duden.de or your dictionary of choice.

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    So throughout this section (Business 1) we've been forced to use Offer for Gebot in clickword, which was wrong in my opinion, and suddenly we come across Gebot meaning BID!

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