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"Я продам машину и куплю велосипед."

Translation:I will sell the car and buy a bicycle.

December 20, 2015



I think I have missed the explanation on the form of "продам" and "дам" and don't understand why this would be the form for "я". I can't remember ever seeing the "м" ending for a first-person verb. What is going on here?


"Дать" has an irregular conjugation, as do verbs derived from it.

я дам, ты дашь, он/она даст, мы дадим, вы дадите, они дадут


Doh! So far Russian has been so nice and regular I almost forgot about the irregular headaches that comes with learning a new language :) Thanks for clarifying


Another irregular verb is "есть" (to eat)

Я ем
Ты ешь
Он ест
Мы едим
Вы едите
Они едят

Also "идти" has a different root in the Past - "шёл" )))


It's future perfect tense. Дать conjugates weird. Я дам, ты дашь, он даст... Мы Дадим, вы дадите, они дадут


"This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever" - Trump


... and buy vodka with the difference .


I don't get how продавать (I guess it's what's being used for "sell") can conjugate into продам.


Продать is the verb


Yeah but why isn't it продаваю? продам doesn't look "normal".


I guess the ending isn't normal, but it is the only correct form.

The verb pair is продавать (продаю́, продаёшь) and Продать (прода́м, прода́шь). The perfective is used here and it is an irregular verb, similar to есть as PeatSickle and alex_tv80 explained.

продавать on the other hand becomes продаю, not продаваю. I think this happens with all verbs that end in -авать -they become -аю. It's kind of like -овать becoming -ую. Russian conjugations are only easy if you know the stem of the verb ;)


I too just realized I don't know дать. It was давать all along! Hidden in his suave present tense forms. But we were using дал and дала already in this course I think...


Продавать means process, to be selling. Doesn't exist in future, can say буду продавать - will be selling. And comleted action is продать, in future tense продам...but don't confuse, in present only я продаю, nothing like продоваю..


I really love Russian. Thank you Duolingo. What a useful phrase


I will sell a car and buy a bike. No good?


Это очень хороший выбор! :-)


What's the present form of "prodam" ?


Since it is the perfective aspect, there is none.


Продаю, I think.


If you want to say 'I am selling'- then продаю, продаешь, продеает ...


Cycle or bicycle are the same


Sorry, Friend Shreyas998629, but to this not-so-humble pedantic ass, the word “cycle” encompasses all of the following: unicycles, bicycles, tricycles, motorbikes, motorcycles, and perhaps, quads (four-wheeled all terrain vehicles, also known as ATVs). Absent further context, how can one know what the speaker/writer means? To me, they are not synonymous.

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