"Jestem w domu."

Translation:I am at home.

December 20, 2015



Is it just me, or does the audio at full speed sound like: "Jestem domu"

Slow speed, you get everything: "Jestem w domu"

December 27, 2015


It sounds like "jestem wdomu" to me

December 28, 2015


I agree. I couldn't hear the w at all at full speed.

February 8, 2016


Cannot hear 'w' at normal speed for sure

April 6, 2018


But I thought this was the "time" unit... What is this doing in this unit?

December 20, 2015


Preview to prepositions maybe?

January 20, 2016


How do polish people know all the endings to all the different words in different circumstances xD This must be one of the hardest languages to learn! Is there any rule or easy way to learn them or will it come with time?

July 22, 2017


Well, we learn them as children, so it feels natural ;) Also, there are 'questions' that we ask ourselves sometimes to figure out the case/the form (yeah, we do need it sometimes), but I don't think that's helpful to a non-native, actually.

Anyway, here it would be: jestem w (czym?) (I am in what?) -> w domu, miejscownik (Locative).

July 26, 2017


Yes, i ask my girlfriend if a certain sentence makes sense and obviously she will say no because im rubbish ;) but then i ask why, and she just says that it doesn't look right which annoys me because i have to think so much about each individual word and the case to apply. Thank you though for all your help

July 26, 2017
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