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  5. "Wy jesteście ludźmi."

"Wy jesteście ludźmi."

Translation:You are people.

December 20, 2015



ludzie vs. luźmi? Both are plural nouns.


ludzie is nominative and ludźmi is instrumental. Remember that you need the instrumental case after jesteście (and all other forms of być)


When do you use wy, instead if just saying jestescie?


I am struggling to grasp the difference between instrumental and nominative, along with all the other cases. I get that nominative is 'to be', but explaining instrumental by using the word 'instrument' in it's description really doesn't help me grasp it. Could someone put it in simple terms for a simple Englishman please?


One grammatical case can have a dozen different applications, so it's impossible to find a name that suits all of them. Therefore you shouldn't focus on the name that much.

Here's a guide on when to use instrumental vs. nominative in sentences like these:


The reason why it's called 'instrumental' is because one main application is denoting the mean of an action:

  • Jadę samochodem. - I'm going by car.
  • Kroję mięso nożem - I'm slicing meat with a knife.

There are also some verbs (many of them are reflexive) that require its object to take the instrumental case:

  • Interesuję się koszykówką. - I'm interested in Basketball.
  • Kawą nie pogardzę. - I won't say no to cup of coffee.

Furthermore, many prepositions require the instrumental case, like:

Z (meaning with), pod (meaning under), przed (meaning before), za (meaning behind)...


Use jestecie with Wy, and not są? How can I know when to use są or jesteście?


"są" doesn't work with "wy".

"wy" is 2nd person plural, and 3rd person plural is either "oni" or "one".

"jesteście" is 2nd person plural (you are) and "są" is 3rd person plural (they are).


DZIĘKI! Very clear! :-D

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