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  5. "Elgene drikker vann."

"Elgene drikker vann."

Translation:The moose are drinking water.

December 20, 2015



Wh-what about meese, English?


I have no clue. To me, meese makes more sense & I'm a native speaker.


Copy-pasting my answer to the eternal elk question here:

"Is there an explanation regarding why two different animals, though similar, share the same name?"

If you need to differentiate, you can use "europeisk elg" for Alces alces, and "amerikansk elg" for Alces americanus. Of course you're only going to come across one of the two in Norway, so it makes sense to refer to it as just "elg".

The official Norwegian names for the wapiti, Cervus canadensis, are "wapiti" and "elk", but since this is an unfamiliar animal to most Norwegians, we'd probably go for "hjort" ((red) deer) if shown a picture and asked what animal it were.

Keep in mind that Alces alces is referred to as "elk" in Europe, so while you're interpreting the two accepted English translations of "elg" as a lack of nuance in Norwegian, it's actually a result of regional differences in English.

definition of elk


Seems Norwegians r very interested in moose


Shouldn't it be IS drinking water?

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Elgene is the plural (definite) form, so it has to be "[They] are drinking water," or [They] drink water."


How do you say "the moose IS drinking water"?

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The singular is, "Elgen drikker vann."


What is the difference between moose and elk?


That depends on what kind of English you speak. I posted an answer above which hopefully clears things up a bit.


Why "the moose is drinking water" wrong?


"Elgene" is plural, so it would have to be "are" rather than "is".


How does Norwegian differentiate between simple and continuous tenses?


Mainly by context. There are ways to explicitly express continuity, which you'll learn about later in the course, but in most cases we feel no need to make a distinction.


There are not "mooses" in options, can you use "are" for single moose?


You can not use "are" for a single moose. The plural of "moose" is "moose", as explained in the other comments on this thread. The Norwegian "elgene" refers to the moose (or elk) in the plural. "Elk" can often mean the same the as "moose", and the plural of "elk" is also "elk". Other comments in this thread provide a good explanation of the differences in usage of "moose" and "elk".


The moose (Plural) The elk (?)

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the moose (plural) - North America
the elk (plural) - The UK (BrE)

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