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  5. "Olá, você fala português?"

"Olá, você fala português?"

Translation:Hello, do you speak Portuguese?

December 21, 2015



Hi. I wrote hello. You speak portuguese and it said i was wrong..is this correct


There is a question mark in the sentence.
In Portuguese, there is no word inversion in questions. There is just the question mark.

So, the translation here should be a standard English question:

  • Você fala português? = Do you speak Portuguese?


I love it that there is no word inversion in questions in Portuguese! Same in Italian. It sure makes things simpler.


You speak Portuguese? is also a standard English question and should be accepted as correct.


I'm living the reverse of you, I'm learning English and I believe that the difference is between "The formal conversation" and "popular conversation". The APP don't teach this kind of sentence because it's not a sentence you are going to use in a interview for example.


wow i wish they mentioned that in this lesson shows how much you need other tools when learning languages


Interesting. Tips and notes added for that :)


I said "Hi, do you speak portugese" Was marked wrong. Don't kno whether it was because of "Hi" or because portugese was not capitalised.

Hi and Ola are interchangeable in other exercises.

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