"Do you have a family?"

Translation:Masz rodzinę?

December 21, 2015

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I think there is a bug:

I typed "Masz rodzinę" it was counted wrong and was corrected in "Macie rodzinę". But here at the site of the discussion "Masz rodzinę" is suggested as an possible answer. (No typo, the second time I copied the suggested solution: "Masz rodzinę")


Why is it rodzinę here? I actually do not understand why it is. Is it because they talk about family as in third person? That would of course make sense. I will think of it like that so it will be easier for me :)


'Family' is a direct object in this sentence, so you need an accusative case.


So any direct noun is automatically accusative?


No, it is not automatic. The case of the noun in direct object depends on the verb. Most Polish verbs need the noun in accusative, but some require genitive (eg. "potrzebować", "szukać", "używać"). There are some which, depending on context, take either one (eg. "dodawać").
The verb "mieć" (to have) requires the noun in accusative:

family - TO jest (kto? co?) rodzina - Mianownik (Nominative)
to have - Mieć (kogo? co?) rodzinę - Biernik (Accusative)


Verb mieć(to have) requires a noun in Accusative. You in this sentence could be singular or plural so possible translations are: (Czy) Masz rodzinę? (Czy) Macie rodzinę? Czy is optional - used with yes/no questions to emphasise the question.


My bad, I didnt read the other comment :) Now I understood the full meaning! Thanks to both of you!


Okay, I understood some of it, but why do it requier a noun in accusative? If you could explain it for me again so I would understand, then I would be forever grateful. :)


Do polish have a word for just parents?


sure, it's 'rodzice'. And 'rodzic' for a single 'parent'.

'rodzic' is masculine, 'rodzice' is masculine personal plural.


Why/when do you use he plural form macie vs. masz


Well... you use singular "masz" when you're talking to one person and plural "macie" when you're talking (or referring) to more than one person.

By 'referring' I mean that maybe you're only talking to John but when you ask e.g. "Do you have a car?" you mean both him and his wife.


Why is it rodzinę and not rodziną? I'm just confused on the difference between those two versions of the word. Thanks!


"rodzina" - the basic, Nominative form of the noun, used mostly for the subject of the sentence.

"rodzinę" - the Accusative form, used for the direct object of the sentence. Here, "family" is a direct object of the verb "to have".

"rodziną" - the Instrumental form, used mostly after "z" = "with" and in sentences like "Jesteśmy rodziną" = "We are family".


Pan ma rodzinę?


With formal pronouns it's somewhat more natural to invert the word order, but yours is of course correct. Added now.


Thanks for the tip alik1989

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