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  5. "Вони студенти?"

"Вони студенти?"

Translation:Are they students?

December 21, 2015



How do you know if this question is "are there (any) students?" VS "Are they (them) students?"

[deactivated user]

    "Are there (any) students?" would be «Чи є (якісь) студенти?», this question won't have «вони».


    thank you for the reply, I understand now. I just misunderstood how the question was supposed to be set up in ukrainian


    Am I hear wrong? I heard there is a (is) sound between вони and студенти, then I follow what I heard to say. another question is the pronounce of в, it sometimes hear like v, and sometimes like b, sometimes is it the sound between b and v.


    I think the word you're mistaking for "is" is just the second half of вони. It's a two-syllable word.


    What is the difference between question type and regular type?.(they are students VS are they students?)

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