"One ludźmi i my jesteśmy ludźmi!"

Translation:They are people and we are people!

December 21, 2015



why is it not oni?

December 21, 2015


Also why was I down voted for asking a question? that's how you learn, seriously people

December 21, 2015


Keep asking questions. No one's perfect.

January 13, 2016


On - him Ona - her Oni - them (masculine or mixed) One - them (feminine)

January 3, 2016


This is explained in the tips for one of the first lessons.

December 21, 2015


If youre learning from the app only, you do not get tips and li ks in the comments do not work (at least on my phone)

December 3, 2018


The tips to this lesson tell me that "ludzie" is always masculine personal, because if a group of people consists of females only, one word use "kobiety" instead. So shouldn't "oni" be used here instead of "one"?

January 22, 2019


Good question, but here it's like "They (those women) are human beings".

What you mention is important in a sentence like "These people are tall" = "Ci ludzie są wysocy" - we assume that "ludzie" was used because at least one man is among them.

January 23, 2019


This is because it refers to a group of women. Otherwise, you would say 'oni'.

December 21, 2015


Why is it "One są ludźmi i my jesteśmy ludźmi!"? Wouldn't it be "One są ludźmi i jesteśmy ludźmi!" "My" doesnt seem appropriate here if it is please explain I'd like to know!

May 8, 2018


It is very appropriate. You change the subject in the middle of the sentence, you have to specify it. Even if technically it's already in the form of the verb. Otherwise this 'jesteśmy' seems to come totally out of the blue, like... where did 'we' come from suddenly?

May 9, 2018


Why is "są" and not jestéscie?

November 9, 2018


„Jesteście” is used for second person plural. This sentence is third person plural, so we use „są”.

November 11, 2018


'My' is confusing sometimes when you speak english

December 6, 2018


"They are humans and we are humans" would be a correct translation? I didn't try this one.

March 10, 2019


A strange, but correct translation which is accepted.

March 11, 2019


I got it, it's my English far from being flawless. As an adjective, "human" plural in English isn't "humans"... I think "human beings" are proper.

March 19, 2019


I seem to be missing the word 'and' from available text.

April 10, 2019


That would be a very serious bug because it definitely is needed here, if you see such a problem again, please provide a screenshot.

April 12, 2019
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