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No sound or audio

Hello all, I had a problem with a bug not allowing any sound on this website. There was no audio when auto-speak enabled, and I could not pass a lesson because of not knowing what was said in the listening portion.

I am using Google Chrome, Windows 10 OS and I suggest you do the following.

-Ensure your speakers are turned ON.

-Ensure speakers/microphone are enabled on computer/duolingo.

-Check audio settings. Hover over your picture for settings option.

-Update web browser

-Check extension settings

-Disable ABP (AdBlocker) for this site. The red sign will turn gray.

-Clear cookies/cache.

-Update Flash Player.

If there is still no sound, try using this method. This method fixed my problem.

-Press windows key, type in Flash Player in search box. Select Flash Player.

-Go to Advanced tab. Under 'Browsing Data and Settings', select Delete all.

-Check options and delete all.

-Next, select 'Camera and Mic' tab. Select 'Camera and Microphone Settings by Site...' box.

-Select 'Add', then copy and paste 'https://www.duolingo.com' in the website domain field.

-Select add.

-Next, slect 'Playback' tab. Select 'Peer-assisted Networking Settings by Site....' box.

-Do the same steps as the steps above. Select 'Add'. Copy and paste 'https://www.duolingo.com' in the Website Domain field. Select add. Close.

-Now refresh your duolingo account or re-log into your account.

ENJOY and learn well!

If this helped you, please thumbs up/vote this posting to assist others. Thank you for your time. ^-^ --BRANDON OBINA

2 years ago



Great guide!

2 years ago


Thank you!

2 years ago


I have sound on a few files (using IE 10), and have been able to hear all sound files on previous occasions, but recently some just do not work. I am learning Italian, and as I said, I do get sound on SOME questions and answers, but I have lot's where nothing happens, and cannot progress any further. Frustrating... I did see another discussion earlier about problems with German sound files (caps in the URL causing problems), and was wondering if this was the same thing, as it isn't ALL sound files.

2 years ago


Hello. From reading what you wrote above, it seems the issue is with German sound files. Have you tried the steps listed above in this article? Let's try to get you learning smoothly again. =)

2 years ago