"Nie kochamy jej."

Translation:We do not love her.

December 21, 2015

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Why not "Nie kochamy ją"?


Because the verb is negated, so you have to you the genitive case.


does that mean for any negated verb, the would be accusative pronoun is changed? is "she/her" just irregular?


If a verb that took Accusative is negated, then it takes Genitive instead.

Other cases don't change when negated.


Would 'My jej nie kochamy' also be correct?


Yes, it is accepted. Emphasizes "my" by... well, by using it, but it's definitely correct.

It's a bit like "- Everybody loves her! - Pfff... We don't love her."


Why "like" is the wrong word ?


Because "like" and "love" are totally different. If you tell your girlfriend that you like her... well, I don't think that she will be happy.

Can I ask, why did you try that? I still don't understand why some people mix loving and liking, what linguistic reasons are behind that... because I've seen this several times already and I'm just curious.


I guess it's possible to confuse the uses of любить and lubić if you speak Russian natively.


Perhaps, I just assumed that DarlingCthulhu is not Russian, seeing the Russian course flag next to the nick.


I am russian, just tried the russian course for fun x)


Oh, so that explains it :D


As you may know, Russian doesn't have this distinction. Любить changes its meaning depending on context. Maybe people have this problem, because the lexical distinction doesn't exist in a number of languages?


That's why I asked, assuming that DarlingCthulhu is not Russian - seeing the Russian course flag next to the nick.


Is there a rule as to when the pronoun precedes the verb? Would Jej nie kochamy be valid? Thanks


I think that it is not possible, you need to use the subject (my) in this case if you use "jej" before the verb or the negation. It is not Spanish or Italian but rather a Slavic language.

You have two options:

  1. My jej nie kochamy

  2. Nie kochamy jej


when do you not put a pronoun at the end after the verb, please.


Whenever there is no other option available (putting it after the negation and at the very beginning is not an option, because it would change the emphasis and thereby the meaning).


We can say Nie jej kochamy?


You tried to negate "her" instead of "loving her". Even if that was the case, then the right form would be "Nie ją kochamy", with "ją" in Accusative. But that means "It is not her whom we love" and is a pretty unlikely sentence.

In our sentence we use Genitive "jej" because of the negated verb "kochać" (negated Accusative -> Genitive; other cases stay unchanged when negated).

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