"Tamte dzieci potrzebują kobiety."

Translation:Those children need a woman.

December 21, 2015

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Being a widower for seven years, I could use one also.


I am a widower for a year now and my child is Polish so I would also need one to survive here.


At this stage I'm convinced that even Polish people don't know how Polish works


Sheeesh! No one promised it would be easy.


I find sentence confusing. In english we would not say that those children need a woman. It makes it sound slighty slighty perverted. Maybe Those children need a mother or adult.


"potrzebować" takes Genitive.

But using Accusative with it is quite a common mistake among the natives.


These children need a woman should have been accepted


Mistake here, its singular noun


"kobiety"? Yes, "potrzebować" takes Genitive, so "kobiety" here is a Genitive singular form.


How do we know it's genitive? Are we supposed to memorize every verb and what case they take? Or is there a hint in the word?


You need to understand which verbs take a direct object (Accusative) and which take an indirect object (Dative, which I believe you haven't encountered yet).

Then I'm afraid you actually need to memorize those verbs that take a direct object in Genitive, so they are exceptions to the usual rule. But not that many common verbs do that. This post lists such verbs in Part 8: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16569658 - only some of those are even taught in this course.


Just curious, how would one say 'Those children need women' will it be the same translation but you can only know if it singular or plural thanks to the context?


There will be a different form: "...potrzebują kobiet".

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