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  5. "Oni mówią po angielsku."

"Oni mówią po angielsku."

Translation:They speak English.

December 21, 2015



What is the difference between oni/one? When should each one be used?


"oni" is used when you have a group containing at least one male person, "one" is used otherwise (groups of objects and groups of people with only women and children).


Is "po" a literal translation to "in" or is it just something you put before a language?


It is a preposition, https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/po#Polish.

Treat it like an expression, po language adjective without i -u


"mówią" is the 3rd person plural of "mówić", "to speak".


I heard there was ono as well, is it a group of its. I imagine it will be explained later on.


"a group of its" would be "one", as "one" is for not masculine-personal plural - ergo, everything that is not 'a group of people with at least one man'.

"ono" is exactly "it" in "he/she/it", but it's used rather rarely. You don't really use it for objects, and if you use it for a child... well, you usually either know the child's name (or at least gender), or just say "dziecko"...

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