"Oni kochają dzieci."

Translation:They love children.

December 21, 2015

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почему надо говорить "children", но не "kids"?


Они оба правильны. Children просто нормальное слово, а kids в более лёгком разговоре.


Why its incorrect to say "they like"?


Because that would be lubią


I put down "know" instead of "love" not sure why i keep getting those mixed up.

I don't suppose i could convince anyone that I was right because "to know them is to love them?" :P


Does it mean each kind of "to love"?


Romantic as well as familiy contexts in most cases, but it's generally also a stronger word for 'lubić', so I'd say yes.


Curious about the Polish with the reflexive. In Russian we have любоваться, ľubowaťsja which means "to admire" or "to enjoy." Is it something along those lines?


Любоваться is the reflexive form of любовать (rare, nonstandard), which is etymologically linked to любить, but still not directly related. In Polish, you'd say podziwiać or zachwycać się.

You've probably read the first version of my comment, which I changed right after writing it. There I was referring to kochać się, which, depending on the preposition after it may mean 1) more or less the same as the non-reflexive verb (w + locative), 2) to love each other (no preposition) 3) or have a strong sexual connotation (z + instrumental). I guess meaning 3) works without a preposition if the context is there.


I'd say that "kochać się w + Locative", so your first example, is rather "to have a crush on someone". Not 'to love' them per se, not nearly that strong.

Meaning 3)... sure, it's a strong sexual connotation, but in romantic wording, like "to make love" ;)

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