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  5. "I still have doubts."

"I still have doubts."

Translation:Wciąż mam wątpliwości.

December 21, 2015



Can it be: Jeszcze mam wątpliwości? And is 'still' really a good word for 'wciąż'? What about 'constantly' or 'continuously'?


Yes, "still" is a good word for "wciąż" and it fits much better in this question than "constantly/continuously". The more accurate translation for "contantly/continuosly" would be "stale".


Is there a difference between wciąż and jeszcze?


A little one maybe. „Wciąż” is still in regards of time. As in still meaning now or not yet. „Jeszcze” is more universal. Can't recall at the moment a situation, where you can use „wciąż”, but not „jeszcze”.


And so "jeszcze mam wątpliwości" should be accepted here?


It seems to me slightly different, but yes, acceptable. Added.

"Jeszcze", for me, sounds a bit like "OK, some of my doubts are gone but I have new ones", while "Wciąż" more like "Well, some of my doubts are not gone yet". But this is obviously a subjective opinion.


A more likely English sentence would be "I still have my doubts".


It works already. But I rather don't want to risk people trying to write "moje wątpliwości"... whose else doubts one could have, after all.


I think you mean "who else's". As far as I'm aware, "whose else" only means "the other thing of whom".

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