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In Progress- Duolingo Polish Checkpoint 2 vocabulary on Memrise.

I am in the progress of creating a Checkpoint 2 course on Memrise for Duolingo Polish. I believe it is the only one currently available and I welcome corrections.


December 21, 2015



That's really cool! =) I've done the first checkpoint there too, which was really helpful.

I think in the first part is a little mistake in one of the last chapters, when you get asked for a small sandwich the right answer is duże kanapka, but it should be mała kanapka, shouldn't it? But overall it's super helpful and right =)


I've corrected that mistake; thanks for catching it. I've finished a course for the second checkpoint, too: http://www.memrise.com/course/924530/duolingo-polish-checkpoint-2/


It should be "mała kanapka" then.


Yes, I noticed that as well. However, Checkpoint 1 was written by another person. If you find any mistakes in mine, please let me know.


If you are interested in adding the audio as a native speaker of Polish, let me know and I will add you as a collaborator on the course.

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