"The water is very cold."

Translation:Vannet er veldig kaldt.

December 21, 2015

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When does one use kald, kalde, or kaldt?


Masc./Fem., Pl. and Neu. I guess


I am confused...why it isn't vannet er veldig kalde (definite form, neuter)


Because the indefinite form is used in this example.

  • Definite form is only formed with det/den/de. In this example, the definite form would be: det kalde vannet.
  • Indefinite forms would be: vannet er veldig kaldt or kaldt vann (without et because vann is uncountable) or anthing without det/den/de.


kjempekaldt? does "kjempe" mean something similar to "very"?


You can put kjempe in front of (nearly?) every adjective (and noun), as an enhancer. It literally means giant/gigantic. Kjempevondt (pain/hurt), kjempesint (angry), kjempeblå (blue), kjempelenge (long), kjempegode (good), kjempeidiot (idiot), kjempehus (house). Most of them come off as rather colloquial though.


Could I double it up, as in "kjempekjempekjempekaldt" (sort of like " very very very cold")


Haha:-P I'm unsure of how to write that correctly. You can say it without anyone batting an eyelid. Especially if you are turning blue.

If it was really very outrageously horribly cold, I would just stack any enhancer I could think of in front of the kaldt to drive my point through (sic).


I think it's a bit stronger than 'veldig', but it's often interchangeable.

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