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"Ben nerede olduğumu biliyorum."

Translation:I know where I am.

December 21, 2015



In the tips and notes they said that when using dik the subject of the main clause and the relative clause should be different. In this question, both subjects are I. Is this some kind of exception?


is olduğumu in the accusative case


How would you say "I know where I was?"


How is this different from:

"Ben neredeyim biliyorum" Or "Biliyorum ki nerediyim"


I know it's a strange questions: where do you all find the tips and notes???


You cannot see them from the app i'm afraid, but you can if you login from the website. Clicking on most lessons you should see a "Tips" button along with the "start" one.

Kudos for getting to level 22 without any tips by the way :)


can I say "Benim oldugumu biliyorum" ?


You probably can but where would you put nerede?


I think you mean "Benim nerede oldugumu biliyorum" and that raises an excellent question because grammatically I believe it must be benim not ben if you choose to use it. (Nerede oldugumu biliyorum is correct on its own.)


You actually can't, you can leave out 'Ben' totally if you want to, but benim does not work here. You would say 'Senin nerede olduğunu biliyorum." (I know where you are.) but it does not work for I/ben here.


From what I understood any difference between that and where (and maybe other "relative particles") is "lost" when translating a subordinate through -dIk. An example from this Lesson: "the village where my father was born" becomes "babamın doğduğu köy" with no explicit indication of the "where".

Of course there is only one way to translate it back to English, but if we substitute doğduğu with yerdiği (and make some strong assumptions about my father's diet), we should be able to translate it both as "the village where my father ate" and "the village that my father ate". Am I correct so far?

So what's different here? Why do we need to explicitly write nerede in this sentence and not just write "Ben olduğumu biliyorum" for both "I know where I am" and "I know that I am" (if we want to get philosophical)?


How is 'ben nerede biliyorum' different?


It gives the meaning of 'I know where he/she/it is.': Ben (onun) nerede olduğunu biliyorum.

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