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  5. "She likes to read sci-fi."

"She likes to read sci-fi."

Translation:Вона любить читати фантастику.

December 21, 2015



sci-fi - science fiction, so literally it has to be translated as наукова фантастика, but not only фантастика


Good question.

Yes, the full name is "наукова фантастика", but when we say "фантастика" we mean sci-fi in 95% of the cases.

I know it's kind of wrong because technically фантастика includes sci-fi (наукова фантастика) and fantasy (фентезі) and I guess other genres that I don't really know, but somehow it's a colloquial habit to shorten наукова фантастика to just фантастика.


але це трохи нечесно, коли у минулому завданні мені не прийняло слово "кузен", наполягаючи на повній версії "двоюрідний/а брат/сестра", а тут, коли я по совісті написав "наукова фантастика", мені вибиває"агов, хто в Україна говорить НАУКОВА фантастика, коли є просто фантастика"!


The exercise with "cousin" you mentiond is not connected to this one in any way. What do you mean?

Also, somehow I can't open this exercise anymore, it says "404 not found". Wanted to check if "наукова фантастика" is accepted, and add it if not.

P.S. Why do you even need Duolingo with such level of Ukrainian???


OK, found the sentence in the Incubator, added "наукову". Didn't see any report from you ;)

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