"What are you drawing?"

Translation:Що ви малюєте?

December 21, 2015

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actually, drawing has to be translated as "рисувати" 'cause this verb is exactly for drawing (in pensil) but for painting it's always "малювати"

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    Do you use «рисувати» at all? I would personally use «малювати» both for drawing and painting; «рисувати» feels old-fashioned to me.


    We use "рисувати" (from "риса, риска") in meaning to draw. Doesn't matter the material. It could be even paints, not only pens, pencils or other dry materials. The main hint in the understanding -- to make a schematic picture, picture with dashes or lines, schema, graph. E.g., to draw block-schema, make doodle, draw portrait in grey, to draw something in border lines.

    Meanwhile, "малювати" means to create, make a colourful picture, mainly without emphasised borders or counters, which has good aesthetic value or high inner perception of works. Nature, landscapes, portraits, animals. Mostly the best translation is "paint" for "малювати", while "draw" - "рисувати".

    But the edge could be not selected clearly, for example, how to treat kids works, often with low technical skills? Mean, where is the measurement for aesthetic feelings. There a lot of various technical directions: primitive, naїve, cubism, etc.

    Fun fact. Sometimes artists joke, trying to give to art much higher level, more valuable definition : "The pictures have been written, but the letters have been drawn (painted)". Like , "Sailor is going on his ship or boat, but never swim on it"


    how do i conjugate малювати for ти?


    Ти малюєш

    Full conjugation:

    Я малюю

    Ти малюєш

    Вона (він, воно) малює

    Ми малюємо

    Ви малюєте

    Вони малюють


    Why "що малюєш?" isn't accepted??


    Yeah, the translation is correct. I've added it to the list of the accepted answers, but Duo will actually start accepting it in 3-7 days.


    Thank you. It has later occured to me that you can also add "що малюєте" to the list going by the same logic.


    Yeah, I added that yesterday too, as well as a couple of other logical permutations. Thank you!

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