"Jesteśmy kobietami."

Translation:We are women.

December 21, 2015

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Its difficult now to remember these


I agree polish is a difficult language. But you will be certain to succeed with enough practice :) personally I am not moving on too far with learning new vocabulary until I get the initial grammar perfect!


Are you Welsh? That's a cute profile picture!


Ah no I'm not welsh, I actually live on a small island just off the coast of England, but I do love wales, both the language, people and place, so I decided to draw that avatar as a personal homage to the place. I'm happy you like it, you're the first person to comment on it!

And WOW! all the languages you are learning! Master polyglot!


I must say...you're very good at drawing! Speaking about Wales, I imagine the tale of the red and white dragons...and Myrddin Emrys!

Dziekuje! But I'm not actually master polyglot...as you can see there are courses which I just learn the basic and stop...that's why it's on level 2 and 3...XD

P/S: Do you draw a lot (silly me!)? A Youtube channel maybe?


Thank you! Yes it had quite vivid mythology, involving the likes of wizards, ancient kings, dragons and monsters, most of it oldest traditions are linked with Irish and Scottish mythology too, Halloween takes some of it's traditions from welsh tradition. And keep at it! you'll get there eventually. And I do draw often but I have no online showcases to show, I really should look into setting something up!


Why is there no previous explanation for this chapter :/ i can't figure out the rules for plurals like this...


Why is it kobietami not kobiety?


It's Instrumental, as needed by "być" (to be).


can you explain more jellei?? its kinda cofusing


He's written this guide which covers this topic extensively:


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