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This New Year, give the gift of language to those you love the most

Happy New Year, Duolingo Community!

Nobody understands the importance of learning a language as much as you do.

Every day, we are humbled by your dedication to this community and inspired by your support and stories about how learning a language has transformed your lives. Some of you have found new friends, others have reconnected with family members or their roots, gained the courage to travel or even gotten new jobs through learning a language on Duolingo.

If Duolingo has impacted your life, even slightly, consider sharing that gift with those who matter to you by inspiring them to choose a New Year's resolution that will transform their future. If each of us encouraged even one more person to learn a language, the world would be a better place with more people getting the opportunity to communicate and reach their full potential.

Free language education for the world -- that includes friends and family. I’m giving the gift of language to my cousin who just graduated college and is getting ready for real life.

Share who you’re giving the gift of language to with others (tweet, post, comment), so they are inspired to do the same. Let's make 2016 count. You can make all the difference.

-- Luis (CEO and co-founder)

December 21, 2015



Looking forward to the year of 2016, when we can bring our Vietnamese course to the Duolingo's community (yikes)


You know, normally when I see something this buttered up I just disregard it immediately as just a company trying to make themselves look good. But Duolingo is different. It's all true. People have gotten jobs and reconnected with family and gotten a chance to open up their minds and see the world through someone else's eyes. (The amount of cheese in this explains my families hereditary issues with dairy) As for myself, I feel like I can learn anything. Language learning has given me a whole new perspective on...just how things really are. And how language learning has changed my way of thinking has really helped me understand how to learn. Math used to be the hardest subject for me, but something happened with the way I think and now it's easy. It's all just formulas. So thank you Duolingo and everyone, you opened a door that I couldn't have otherwise walked through, and it's changed my course just a little. Who knows how big of an impact that will have had by the end.


Thank you Luis for gifting us Duolingo, it's one of the most amazing and helpful sites. :) You guys are right, what people need is the knowledge of languages, to communicate better and get to know more.


Many thanks to you, Luis, for your assistance to me and to the world. Your contribution is making the world a better place through mutual understanding.


Duolingo es lo máximo. Gracias por regalarnos tanto.


Translation: Duolingo is the greatest. Thanks for giving us so much.


Thank you for your great work so far. My wish for Duolingo in 2016: Please allow us a setting whereby we can increase the number of translations to the target language. This would be a dramatic improvement for your most dedicated learners.

If you were to do this, then I would recommend Duolingo far and wide :)

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