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"Dziewczynka je całego pomidora."

Translation:The girl is eating a whole tomato.

December 21, 2015



Is a 'pomidor' (tomato) animate?

Shouldn't the accusative just be 'pomidor', or is this word an exception?


It's an exception


I am curious about that too. In the english wiktionary, it says that "pomidora" is accepted in colloquial Polish. I wonder if the correct form is actualy cały pomidor, since "całego" is masculine animate. Maybe someone could explain it better?


That is a weird thing in Polish in fact. I wrote more about it in this topic. Basically, the number of exceptions (things that can be treated as animate for no reason at all) is huge.

In this example, the animate version does sound more natural to me, even if there's not much logic behind it.


the thing with animation is, that adjective has to match a noun. If you use accusative=genitive noun form, you use it for adjective too. If you use accusative=nominative, also for noun and adjective. So it could be "je cały pomidor" or "je całego pomidora". but it is not really "accepted in colloquial Polish", but more like "formal one sounds pretentious and weird".


Now I see. Thanks a lot! Dzięki!


Je cały pomidor!


Akceptujemy tę wersję, ale serio, nikt nigdy nie postulował, by używać jej jako głównej. Bo praktycznie nikt tak nie mówi.


a entire tomato? rather: an entire tomato


"a whole"/"an entire" are both accepted (and are the only accepted answers), although "a entire" might slip through as a typo.


what is the difference between " the whole of the tomato" and "all of the tomato"


I asked our native contributors and got this answer: "To me, the whole [of the/] tomato means she ate all of one single tomato, while all [of/] the tomato is something like a bowl containing several tomatoes that have been chopped up and mixed together and so become just tomato".


Not necessarily true - 'all of the tomato' could also refer to one tomato

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