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"Bu arabayı kiraladığımda gençtim."

Translation:I was young when I rented this car.

December 21, 2015



I rented this car when I was young. What's the difference?


I made the same mistake, I'm no language expert but I think it may have something to do with which objects play the role of "direct" and "indirect" object. "I rented this car when I was you" the car is the direct object here and the second I is the indirect object. In the given translation the roles are reversed. Just a guess maybe someone that knows more can confirm or refute that.


It should also accept "I was young when I hired this car".


Agreed. In British English, we hire a car.


Please update your answers to include 'I was young when I hired this car'. This is correct British English and such similar car hire answers are accepted for other sentences.


türkçede bu ne ''this is the car i rented when i was young'' !?


Gençken kiraladığım araba bu. :)


çok teşekkür ederim


Why is 'When I hired this car I was young' incorrect. In the UK we hire cars, we do not rent them!


Can I say this too? : "bu arabayi kiraladigim zaman genctim"


As kiraldığım zaman = kiraldığımda is the same, I think that is correct too.


In the last sentence I wrote: "He did not talk with the guard when he arrived at the bakery's garden" and I had been corrected to "When he arrived at the bakery's garden he did not talk with the guard". Therefore now I wrote: "When I rented this car I was Young" and now Duolingo corrected me to "I was young when I rented this car"

Are that only forgotton alternatives or is there really a differeny if I start with the subordinary clause or end with it????? Please let me know.


"Bu arabayı kiraladığımda gençtim." Translation: I was young when I rented this car.

Two classics I presume?


why arabayı should be accusatıve

does kiraladığmda work as a averb


"Bu" makes it to a specific object, therefore accusative. Yes, here the DIk-construction is used as adverbial object particip.


Many Brits here claiming that in British English we do not say "rent a car"; rather, we say "hire a car" instead. This is nonsense. Both rent and hire are commonly used in British English.


I wrote: I rented this car when I was young


This sentence is correct Englissh whichever way round the clauses are.


I think both sentences are correct , no essential difference exists between them ,

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