"Do you know him? It is my cousin Mark."

Translation:Ти знаєш його? Це мій двоюрідний брат Марк.

December 21, 2015

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In my Ukrainian-speaking family, we always used both terms 'кузин/кузинка' (more often), and 'двоєрідний брат/ двоєрідна сестра' (less often).

'Кузин/кузинка' was considered more of the 'Ukrainian version' of the 'international term' such as: 'cousin'in English & 'cousine' in French. Both ways are OK.

BTW, we spelled 'двоєрідний'/ 'двоєрідна' with a 'є' and not a 'ю'. 'Двоє' refering to 'two', 'second' - 'двою' doesn't mean anything. :/


Correct. But let me do the very small remark:

двоюрідний - still represents official language form while двоєрідний is more related to western accent. (just asked a professor of Ukrainian language)


кузен is also appropriate word


no... it is Rusian... in Ukrainian do not say... двоюрідний - so say



Actually, I was mentioned a synonym which has to be represented in interpretation variant. Кузен or Кузинок, Кузинка are also Ukrainian words. My source is Ukrainian-Russian-Ukrainian vocabulary by Vyacheslav Bouselov, "Perun" 2008 but not a Wikipedia link.

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