"The restaurant has a cook."

Translation:Restauranten har en kokk.

December 21, 2015

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It sounds as though restauranten is pronounced more like 'restaurangen' is that the correct way or is it just a weird audio thing? Also if it is correct, why do it that way?


Yup. That's the correct pronunciation. The word, restaurant was imported from France, where the t is silent and, over time, the pronunciation became more Norwegian. The Swedes did the same thing, except they've since changed the spelling, to restaurang. :0)


why is translated a cook?is not better a cooker???


A cook is someone who cooks. A cooker is a tool you use to cook.


Lol. When I was a child, I referred to my mom as a "good cooker". It made sense to me, also. English has borrowed from so many other languages that we end up with nonsensical things like cook instead of cooker.


What is the difference between "ha" and "har"?


"Ha" is in imperative, while "har" is in present tense.


I have a question regarding pronounciation. Do we pronounce 'kk' a little bit softer than 'k' or is it just the voice in the recording? It sounds as if there was a slight 'i' at the end, just as in Russian 'L'


Why is it ei kokker?


The masculine form en kokk is accepted. Seems you can use ei kokker for a female cook.

As a beginner I actually asked myself, before I've seen this comment, if Norwegians gender professions or if they always use masc. like in French? (Although people start to use for example une écrivaine as well there...)


So not just Chef Mike then, good to know

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