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  5. "Det krever energi å arbeide."

"Det krever energi å arbeide."

Translation:It requires energy to work.

December 21, 2015



What is the meaning of this sentence? Does it mean that energy is required for an object or chemical reaction to function? I thought that "arbeide" was used for the work that we do (at a job), while fungere meant that something functioned.


The English "it requires energy to work" unfortunately holds an ambiguity. As it can be an "it" that needs energy, this thing needs a source of energy to be working. That would be den trenger/krever energi for å arbeide/fungere/virke.

Or just your general "it" as in "it's raining", working requires energy. Det krever energi å jobbe/arbeide/fungere. "Fungere" is really not any more a synonym for "jobbe" than function is for work, but in this sentence it works (...).


Your assumption is correct. To me the sentence means that a person doing some kind of job will require energy in order to do so. Not necessarily just calories, but perhaps also being well-rested and avoiding other things that "drain your energy".

To do work in the mechanical sense is usually "å utføre arbeid [på noe]", I think.


Kreve? Seems like the word "crave" which sometimes mean to badly want. I crave food. Jeg krever mat. Virker det som dette?

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