"Tak, dzięki."

Translation:Yes, thanks.

December 21, 2015

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Polish is a fascinating language.

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    "Yeah, thank you" ought to be accepted as well.


    It's probably just a slight difference, but "Dzięki" is rather less formal ("thanks"), and "Thank you" is "Dziękuję" (a little bit more formal). That's how I see it


    I think that thank you and thanks are different words in polish, Although maybe yeah thanks should be accepted


    Would this be used like "Yes, please" in English?


    Hmmm... it seems that it could often be interchangeable, but it would really depend on the context. Also 'dzięki' may be too informal for many situations.


    How is the 'e' with a curly actually pronounced? Polish friends of mine say it's just 'e' as in 'let' but Duolingo pronounces it 'ing' or 'en' as in 'sing' or 'pen'.


    It is a nasalized "e". You can compare it for example to Spanish pronunciation of "euro" or "Europa". Generally, it's more or less "eu".

    When it is the final sound of the word, many users (a majority?) pronounce it exactly or almost as a normal "e".

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      Thanks me too

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