"You are drinking again!"

Translation:Znów pijecie!

December 21, 2015



What's the difference between 'znów' and 'znowu'?

December 21, 2015


And what about "ponownie" and "na nowo". How do they differ from zn?w* and from each other?

November 23, 2016


Woah, that's a hard question. I feel the difference, but... "ponownie" just seems to be "again", but it suits some sentences and it doesn't suit some others. I wouldn't use it here.

But I googled a sentence "Gortat znów zagrał dobrze, ale Wizards ponownie przegrali" and while this seems more natural, I probably wouldn't bat an eye if they switched the 'again' words between the clauses.

"na nowo" is more or less "from the beginning", kinda like "from the scratch".

"Po wypadku, musiał na nowo uczyć się chodzić" (After the accident, he had to learn how to walk again"

November 25, 2016


They have the same meaning but znowu is a long form and it is used at the beginning and at the end of sentences. The short forms like znów are used inside sentences. Znowu and znów are not the only words following this rule. Here another few examples: Dzisiaj - dziś (today); Tobie - ci (to you); Mnie - mi (to me)

December 21, 2015


That's not true - znów and znowu can be used interchangeably.

Source: http://filologpolski.blogspot.com/2013/12/znowu-znow-i-znowuz.html

December 21, 2015


Does it sound really strange to put 'znowu' at the end, e.g. pijesz znowu? Is there any kind of rule on this?

May 3, 2016


it would not be completely incorrect, but that just sounds bad. way better is "znowu pijesz?".

July 31, 2016


I would like to know this too

July 1, 2016


Hard to state a rule, I'd say that what you complain about is more the "drinking" part, which "again" intensifies (?)... anyway, maybe it's not wrong, but sounds a lot less natural to my ear.

July 2, 2016


They are Polish, what do you expect

May 18, 2016


Can "jeszcze raz" be used here?

May 6, 2016


"jeszcze raz" means something like "once again".

July 31, 2016


Shouldn't pijesz znowu be accepted here?

April 2, 2017


Yes, it should be accepted.

April 2, 2017


Well, from the moderators side, there are three votes for 'that doesn't really sound natural'... not without some more context, at least.

April 2, 2017


I put "znów pijesz" and I got it wrong. Why?

April 19, 2017


That's actually one of the starred answers, definitely should have been accepted...

April 20, 2017


And I wrote "Pijesz znów!". Shouldn't that also be accepted?

June 8, 2017


Well, we had a similar question recently and we had three moderators 'against' vs one active Polish native 'for'. So the opinion that it's not very natural has won.

June 9, 2017


I selected "Znów pijecie!, but it said I was wrong,as shown below. Yet here it says only the one answer is right. I am confused.

Correct solutions: Znowu pijesz!, Znów pijecie!

December 8, 2017


If it was a multiple choice question, you have to choose ALL the correct answers, not just one.

December 8, 2017


I put in exactly what the correct translation says "Znów pijecie!, Znowu pijecie!" and I got it incorrect

October 19, 2017


Wait, do you mean that you actually put two variants at the same time? Well, that's wrong... you should put one... or sometimes some bug makes it reject the correct answer.

October 20, 2017


why is "pijesz znów" wrong?

September 4, 2018


Looks like a copy of the English word order. That's not a likely thing to say in Polish, I'd say.

September 4, 2018


I see that this question has been answered already a while ago. Sorry and thank you for replying :)

September 4, 2018


Why not pijesz?

April 7, 2019


"pijesz" works.

April 9, 2019
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