"I do not see the girl."

Translation:Nie widzę dziewczynki.

December 21, 2015

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Why would it be dziewczynki? Isnt the i ending for if it's plural? Why doesnt it end with an a?


It should absolutely accept "dziewczyny" too. The diminitive "dziewczynka" should NOT be considered the only possible translation for girl.


yes, you are right, report it to the contributors


I always write this one wrong, because the genitve and the plural is the same here...


Why does wiszę soumd like wisze?


Before a war starts here:

  • wiszę and widzę are two different verbs. dz is apprximatelly Endlish ds, and sz is English sh. Both follow the same conjugation pattern so what I will write is relevent to both. (wisieć=hang/be hanging, widzieć = see)

  • there is not such a word as "widze" and "wisze"

  • TTS that duolingo uses always pronounces final ę as e

  • From what I read about it, Polish dictionaries and other language authorioties (written for Polish people) have one of two ideas about proper proonounciation of final ę:

1 You should pronounce final ę with slight nasality, but it is "acceptable" if you say just "e".

2 You should pronounce final ę as e, but it is OK to use slight nasality, especially in words like gotuje/gotuję, where this nasality is the only thing that distinguishes one word from another.

3.All books say that overpronouncing "ę" or or using some equivalents (em, eł) are wrong.

  • in real Polish language it depends on a person, a region, a situation, how much are they paying attention, if they are reading aloud, speaking what they were prepared for or just talking without thinking.

  • line between slight ę and eł is thin , especially when you start learning Polish, so many resources recommend teaching foreigners to say final ę as e.

/Disclaimer: I am not a linguist or a Polish teacher. All I know comes from being Polish and spending last few months on this forum/


Thanks man, have a lingot


Just about the most useful Duolingo comment I've ever read ^^ have several lingots for your time!


The Ę is pronounced as a regular E when it's at the end of a word.


Actually, most often it is pronounced slightly nasally.


Jellei, immery, could you comment on dziewczyna versus the diminutive dziewczynka im everyday language use?


I wouldn't call a girl over 14 dziewczynka, unless I'm being sarcastic or something. I'd say that dziewczyna is used for young women in a similar way as the English word girl is being used. And girlfriend is also dziewczyna, you can't use the diminutive for that.

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