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"первый класс"

Translation:first grade

December 21, 2015



In American English, "first class" means the best section of something (like an airplane) or the most elegant or highest quality of something. Does "первый класс" ever have that meaning in Russian?


"Первый класс" in Russian in that case your wrote is generally used for the best seats on the plane, and the fastest delivery of post letters and parcels.


But there is another word in Russian that fits to describe "the most elegant or highest quality of something" and this word is suitable for use in everyday situations:

"Первокла́ссно" - neuter

"Первокла́ссный" - masculine

"Первокла́ссная" - feminine

"Первокла́ссные" - plural


But in English the primary meaning of the phrase as a Stan alone statement as presented here means 'Well done... First class' in short 'a top grade achievement'. In English one would never use 'first grade' to denote outstanding achievement - only 'first class' or less frequently 'top grade' as in 'First class Tom - Top grade mate - we're all very proud of you'. First Class for travel is a separate thing all together and is of course used o for the context of travel or quality - but not as a phrase on it's own unless in response for example: 'A ticket to Manchester please' 'Certainly Sir - First Class?'


Is the Russian school system relatively close to the American one? Are the first grades of both systems placed at around the same age?


"Начальная школа": starts from the 1st Grade, ends after the 4th Grade. When a child goes to the first grade, the child is about 6-7 years old

"Средняя школа": starts from the 5th Grade, ends after the 9th Grade. It is for the children who have successfully graduated from the Primary School. When a child graduates from "Средняя школа", (she/he) is about 15-16 years old.

"Старшая школа": it is for the children who have successfully graduated from "Средняя школа" and it starts from the 10th Grade and ends after the 11th Grade so a child is about 17-18 years old at the and of it

After "Старшая школа" any child can have passed the state exams to study for free in state university for the next 4/5 years to receive a bachelor's degree.

In russia, Universities or technical Colleges cannot be named "Школа". We call "Школа" only a part of the education that begins at the 1st grade and ends at the 11th.

Sorry for mistakes and if my English was bad, i'm just studying.


university is free in russia???


State universities are mostly free but only if you earn enough state exam points (ЕГЭ), you won't be paid much for your education, scholarship payments are mostly not enough to buy everything you need. Nevertheless, every Russian citizen can study and attend a state university for free, that's correct.


the "tips & notes" for this lesson mentions this a bit, toward the end.


I can't see how "class one" can reasonably rejected here. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it were subject to regional variation, it is certainly the most natural translation in British English in the London area.


"grade 1" should be accepted.


my answer was "first grade" but it says its not right :/

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