"Ten pies jest stary."

Translation:This dog is old.

December 21, 2015

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I thought byc went with the instrumental case? But stary is in the nominative, can someone please explain this?


You use the instrumental in the sentence "Ten pies jest starym psem" = "This dog is an old dog" (where "jest" refers to a verb), but not in the sentence "Ten pies jest stary" = "This dog is old" (where "jest" refers to an adjective).


'stary' is an adjective not a noun


What if the dog was a female?


Well, the word "pies" is definitely masculine, even if you are talking about a female dog. But you can use your dog's female name and then pair it with the adjective "stara". Alternatively, there's a word for a female dog... but I'm not sure if I should mention it here, it has a very similar offensive meaning to the English word for a female dog.


I think its diminutive version 'suczka' is a lot safer to use. Especially in an appropriate context.


Surely a lot safer, but it can be used to offend someone as well...

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