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How much does the course teach ?

Hi, I want to start the Turkish course soon. But I was wondering, how well does it teach the language ? I know it's difficul. Please help !

December 21, 2015


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The problem with Turkish is that it is not an indo-european language. This means that you have to learn a whole new type of grammar (it's an agglutinative and SOV language) and a whole new vocabulary. The grammar luckily is quite regular.

The course is good at teaching the grammar, certainly the basics of it. (Near the end of the tree I had the impression that it went too fast.)

The vocabulary is OK too. I have the impression that the moderators have done their best to make the course as usefull as possible. Of course, it is still limited, as any course is. But with the basics Duolingo offers, you have a good starting point to go further on your own. (I see that you are studying Arabic too, this will be helpful vocabulary-wise, since Turkish has a number of Arabic loanwords.)

I'm glad I did the course.

The moderators are a big help, they are nice people -very busy people, but nice. :-)


I've finished my tree. I can communicate in simple sentences about easy topics. My listening is horrible, and to tell the truth I don't think that Duolingo helps much with listening. Other than Memrise, I haven't used any other sources because I've been quite busy. My feeling is that with practice and help from native speakers (or a teacher) I could make a lot of progress. Duolingo is an excellent start to language learning.

I knew nothing about Turkish before I started. The lessons were very well made. The tips and notes given by Duolingo were enough for me to be able to do the exercises. Of course, if I want to make more progress, I will need other sources. People in the forum have given some good links to other sources for us to use. There are Facebook pages for Turkish learners.

I think you will be able to learn Turkish. Just try.


I, a native speaker, quickly scanned the lessons a few days ago and can say that the content is generally quite good. My only issue is with the speech samples. They are produced by a text-to-speech software and frankly quite awful. So you will probably want to find some other resources to get yourself exposed to real people speaking the language once you decide to learn it.


Do you think it would give me a good amount of knowledge on it ? I think it's a beautiful language and really want to learn it


Of course it depends what you expect, but if you start from scratch and if you go through the whole tree you will be able to speak a bit. i could speak basic turkish after a couple of month. I am doing it all over again and realise that i learnt and remembered quite well thanks to duolingo! :)


Even though i didn't do a thorough examination on the source material, I can say yes. Comments from learners somewhat indicate that too. Every topic seems to be covered and as a previous commenter mentioned, the language is mostly free of exceptions. Like I said, you probably wouldn't be able to comprehend spoken form much (or get a feeling of how the language is supposed to sound) unless you find some external resources.


Türkçe(Turkish) kolaydır(Easy). Kolay(Easy)-dır(is). :)


Nearly full! i think, let's start


Why are you thinking of learning Turkish?


I think its a beautiful language. That and I love Turkish music and sports


This course is not enough to understand music lyrics but it is a good start towards that. Many soccer words are from English. Or are you taking up oil wrestling! If you are a native speaker of English and have a first degree and enough time you might consider doing a CELTA or similar and taking a working holiday in Turkey (although I understand you Americans get hardly any holiday time so maybe it is not possible). The money is peanuts but the students and fellow teachers are friendly.


Once I start the course, I wanna get in touch with you. I see you're learning Turkish as well and I'd love to strengthen my skills with someone


Hmm you flatter me but I think you would be better off strengthening your skills with a native speaker. I see you use Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1582019475395090/ is a Facebook group which is supposed to put Turks learning English in touch with native English speakers learning Turkish. I think the idea is that you would swap time practising the 2 languages. As I live in Turkey myself I have not needed to use it but if you try it I would be interested to hear how it goes. I am sure we learners of Turkish must be greatly outnumbered by Turks learning English so if your first contact on that FB group is not a good fit for you academically I guess it would be very easy to find others to check and correct your speaking (e.g. via Skype). This is ESSENTIAL because in order to learn properly you MUST get good feedback on your speaking, not just get addicted to the Duolingo gameification.

Once you have done a few weeks with Turkish on Duolingo post again if you are having any difficulties, e.g. it can be tricky to find resources once you get past elementary level. The moderators and other Turks on Duolingo are very helpful and I know a few resources if you get as far as intermediate level.

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