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"Neden okula gitmedin, bana sebebini söyle!"

Translation:Why did you not go to school, tell me the reason!

December 21, 2015



sorry, dear experts. Is the accusative of sebebi sebebeni and the possessive of it is sebebesi? Like this is his reason "bu sebebesidir"?


I am not sure if I follow your question :) "sebep" means reason.

"sebebi" has the 3rd person possessive suffix on it (The reason of not going to school)

-n is a buffer letter and the final -i is the accusative case marker :)


oh, I am sorry I though the word would be sebebi - I have to correct it in my vocabulary.

I was asking myself if there is a technical difference between ending i, ı etc. because of accusative and because of possessive 3rd person. Probably not. So masası is both "the table" and "his table", right?


Nope :) If a word ends in a consonant, these two will look the same. If it ends in a vowel however, they are different.

"masası" = his/her/its table "masayı" = the table (but only for direct objects and never for subjects)


oh, great, got the point. So masayı is always a stand alone masayı, the school table would be okul masası, right?


Yes, and "the school table" (as a definite direct object) would be "okul masasını".


"Tell me the reason why you did not go to school" (was not accepted) and from an American English point of view, is correct, and far more common in the lexicon.


is it right if I write "tell me your reason" instead of the reason


That one is accepted! :)


This has to be two sentences in English - or you could link with a dash or a semi-colon or a colon. You cannot use a comma here.


Hi there Can anyone help me with why is there a third person possessive suffix in sebib i (n) i I can understand the accusative part but why the third person possessive part ? I translated it as your reason in accusative form


Meryem Hanim, there is already an answer on your question, it's the second answer from the top written by Alex. It doesn't allow me to copy so check it yourself.


"didn't you" ile "did not you" arasında bir fark olabilir mi? Hayret!


"didn't you" ile "did not you" arasında bir fark olabilir mi?

"didn't you" doğru.

"did not you" yanlış.

"did you not" doğru.


, tell me your reason! is more close alternative translation for sebebini.

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