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Duolingo, please add gender and conjugation to the flashcards.

I would be eternally grateful.

December 21, 2015



I use memrise for this effect. A1 German, A2 German and 1000 words of elementary german courses, to be more specific.


I agree that if this was added to flashcards it would help immensely. Bitte und Danke!


Du bist Willkommen ;-)


I completely agree. This would make the flashcards infinitely more useful. I find myself having to look up the gender of the nouns while I use the flashcards, which is pretty obnoxious.


Use images to remember the gender. For example, "der Tee" is masculine, so I pictured a man with tea pot sipping tea looking like a snob. He also has a round top hat and a monocle because that reminds me of Brits and Brits like to drink tea. "Schokolade" is feminine, so I pictured a woman eating a chocolate bar and she has choclate all over her fingers and mouth. "Pferd" is neuter, so imagined a ghost riding a horse, swinging a lasso. This helps a lot.

You can also use this to remember words. For example, I memorized the word "obwohl" by imagining Obi-Wan Kenobi dressed in wool. He is also pointing a finger in the air and looking like he is about to interrupt and has this specific look, because the word means "although". For the word "die Luft" I imagined a lift flying on air, because "die Luft" means "air". The lift is also pink and has a pink bowtie because the word is feminine.


Absolutely, or even different coloured flashcards based on their gender.


I don't have any flashcards. Where are the flashcards? Help!!


I don't see them any longer, but if they're brought back they should be under the Words tab on the right side.

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