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  5. "Ten mężczyzna jest dobry."

"Ten mężczyzna jest dobry."

Translation:This man is good.

December 21, 2015



What do you mean by good?


Well Polish cannibals could surely use that sentence :-)


Really? I must be the worse person of the both of us, then, because my interpretation was kinky. Oof. I'm sorry for my existence. I'll be leaving now.


"Good" as in "good morning"? "Dobry" as in "dzien dobry"?


Well... yes. Alternatively, "kind".


Actually, I'm replying to Wolf_Isaac comment but thanks anyway for the reply! You're one dobry moderator! XD


Ooops! Sorry and thanks, I see now that it was not a real question :D


Intonation my suggest, it is a question.


I also thought it is a question when I heard the intonation.


I wonder, I knew that if I wrote "This man is good" it would accept, but I wanted to try: "This man is nice" and it didn't accept as a valid answer.

What do you guys think?


Well I understand what you mean, the meaning us pretty much the same, but there's a perfect word for "nice". Ten mężczyzna jest miły. So I agree with Duo.


In English, This is a good man would be appropriate here. We don't say this man is good because the word "good" here is ambiguous. You would say that, for example, watching guys playing basketball at the park, This man is good! The word "good" unambiguously implies the man playing basketball. If you don't like This man is nice or kind for Polish, then try This is a good man.


What about "this man is kind"?


Kind translates to łaskawy. Although I rarely heard that one outside the "God is kind" context. Perhaps some native speaker would fill in?


Is 'Dobry' in this case accusative or nominative? Please stop non funcional posts.


Dobry in this sentence is in nominative. the structure

(someone/something) + być + adjective - both noun/pronoun and adjective are in nominative.


this is a good man , should be correct also no?


In English, saying This man is good can mean i) I think he is a morally correct person (antonym: evil) ii) I think he is someone, who does something well (antonym: bad)

Does dobry also cover both meanings?


both. We also don't have separate words for evil and bad, both are "zły"


So it makes sense in Polish to watch the villain easily defeat the hero in a fencing match in a film and exclaim: "Zły mężczyzna jest dobry!" ?
(Of course it would sound wierd and you would probably want to phrase this differently in practice - I just wanted to check that I understand the possible range of meanings of the words correctly.)


Yes, it sounds very weird, but the meanings of words are correct.

(ps zły means also angry and wrong (in "the wrong one" context, not in "you're wrong" context)


What is difference between ź and ż?

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