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"Nie ma kina w mojej dzielnicy."

Translation:There is no cinema in my district.

December 21, 2015



Note that the w in the polish sentence should be pronounced differently. The way it's pronounced now ("wu") is the way it's pronounced when you spell the alphabet.


"There are no movie theatres in my district" , what's wrong with that? I think it is more natural to use plural when describing absence, in this case anyway.


Well, the original had singular, but your version will be accepted as well.


I feel like theater is used much more commonly than cinema in American English (at least in Illinois) and should be accepted. In fact, I've never heard cinema used.


Very reluctantly, but I guess I have to accept 'theater'. Added now.


Why can't it be I don't have. I am not English so it's more of a english question I think


That could be a proper sentence ("I don't have a cinema in my district"), I believe, but that's too far from the original Polish sentence.


In American English, "district" is rarely used except to refer to "school districts"--the maps that determine which schools children attend. In the context of this sentence, we'd be more likely to say "in my area" or "in my neighborhood". Would either of those be acceptable here?


I think that both "neighborhood" and "area" are too vague. "dzielnica" is something which has clear borders set on the administrative level. For "area" and "neighborhood" I would go with "okolica".


I would like to know why almost all those "pick up the words and place them in the right order" are already completed when you get to them!!!


I said - "There is no cinema at my District" - why is that wrong


A location within a larger area usually gets the preposition "in".



Because you cannot say at my district in English, at least not in England. It doesn'make sense


Can you also say 'W mojej dzielnicy nie ma kina?'


Glad you added movie theatre as we definitely don't say "cinema" for movie theater in American English, though I think they (maybe?) do in British English. The "district" thing is also weird, but I trust that it's a normal way to refer to neighborhoods in Polish speaking cities.


I am confused as to why it isn't "W mojej dzielnicy nie ma kina", as "nie ma kina" is the new information in the sentence. I might be wrong about this though, feel free to correct me.


"Nie ma kina w mojej dzielnicy" could work if you were correcting someone's claim (Let's go to the nearest cinema! There must be a cinema around here, right? - No, there is no cinema in my district.), but generally your version is better in my opinion. I'll remove this sentence and create the one that you mentioned instead.

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