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  5. "On poszedł na spacer."

"On poszedł na spacer."

Translation:He went for a walk.

December 21, 2015



Is "He went on a walk" acceptable?


It sounds natural to be. You can always send in a report with the "send report" button on the bottom.


Are "iść na spacer" and "spacerować" interchangeable?


Well, they're like "to go on a walk" (to leave home in order to take a walk) vs "to be on a walk", "to stroll".

So for example "On spacerował" would be closer to "He was walking (walking around, just for the sake of walking)" or "He was strolling".


...on a walk, suggests to me that it was an organized walk and could involve a group of people.


It may be something organized, why not. Added now.


Hey there/ FYI: The slower speed recording for this sentence, I believe, is inaccurate.


What exactly is inaccurate? The slow audio sounds kinda strange by definition, but seems fine to me.


Hi Mr. Jellei. Unfortunately, I can’t make it play again once I’m out of the lesson so I am unable to tell you why I thought it was wrong. Since you’re our resident All things Polish expert, I will bow to your ear and next time I am in this lesson, I will see our discussion and keep that in mind when listening to the pronunciation.


Recently I see more comments similar to yours, so perhaps there is indeed some bug and what I hear when I check the database isn't necessarily what the learners can hear. Or at least some of the learners, let's hope it's not like 'it's wrong for everyone'.


Oh. Ok. Maybe. :) I guess we will see. Thanks again.

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