"The new people are eating a tasty meal."

Translation:Nowi ludzie jedzą smaczny posiłek.

December 21, 2015

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Are "pyszny" and "smaczny" synonyms in Polish?


I would say that "smaczny" = "tasty" and "pyszny" = "delicious" (and hence "pyszny" is stronger).


yes I'd agree with that - especially at the family table, ''pyszny'' means the meal has really impressed.


Is "nowi" with an -i used this this sentence as ludzie is a plural that includes men and the adjective is therefore masculine personal? Is this the case even though ludzie is neuter?


"ludzie" isn't neuter, "ludzie" are plural. And as the group denotes "a group with at least one man" (otherwise it would be "women" or "girls"), it's the 'masculine personal plural'.

The forms for masculine personal plural are usually a bit different than the other forms.


Then why does that not apply for dzieci/dziecko? Seems we would just just say boys & girls rather than children so wouldn't the same rule apply? I'm pretty sure i just did an example where dzieci was neuter.


The singular noun dziecko is neuter, so the plural dzieci can't be masculine personal (virile).


When is it "ludźie" and when "ludzie"?


"Ludźie" doesn't exist, since by spelling convention, acute accents are not written before the letter "i", they are implied.

Perhabs you were wondering about the difference between ludzie and ludzi, no? The former would be nominative and the latter accusative/genitive.


What is the difference between "nowy" and "nowi"? I cant wrap my head around it, it seems that its used interchangeably but the thingy denied my answer with "nowy".


They're not used interchangeably. They depend on the grammatical gender of the noun they describe. "nowy" is masculine singular and "nowi" is 'masculine personal plural'.


I put nowe ludzie mają smaczne posiłek and was CORRECT


What? No way, you have three mistakes here... that sounds like a bug.

On our side, this answer shows as incorrect. Even if it was a 'type what you hear' exercise which currently doesn't display typo messages (although 'nowe' and 'posiłek' shouldn't be considered typos), then the verb is still wrong...


what is the plural form of 'posiłek'?


Please can you clarify for me why it is "nowi ludzie" here and 3 sentences earlier it was "nowy mężczyzni". As I understand it both are masculin personal plural?


Nowy mężczyzni?! Pics or it didn't happen.


why is it smaczny? Is it not accusative masculine singular for 'meal'


It is accusative masculine singular... for which there are two options, depending on whether the noun is animate or inanimate. "meal" is inanimate, so the right form is "smaczny".

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