"I want to talk to the doctor."

Translation:Chcę rozmawiać z lekarzem.

December 21, 2015

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what is the difference between mowic and rozmawiac? is mowic = speak and rozmawiac = talk?


"rozmawiać" is "to have a conversation with someone".

"mówić" is just "to speak", "to talk", for example "Mówię do ciebie" is "I'm talking to you" (not in "I'm having a conversation with you", but "I'm talking, listen to me!").


Seems quite impolite... Or doesn't it sound so to Polish ears?


It may sound a bit impolite, I guess. "[Chciałbym/Chciałabym] porozmawiać z lekarzem" would be better, but then of course that's "I would like", not "I want".


What is the difference between Chcę porozmawiać and Chcę rozmawiać ? I thought the first onlu would be grammatically correct. Thanks in advance


Both are grammatically correct, "Chcę porozmawiać" is a bit more like "I want to have a conversation", "Chcę rozmawiać"... well, in this context it kinda sounds like me to "I want to speak to the manager" ;) Something about it seems less polite.

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