"Piszemy książkę po angielsku."

Translation:We are writing a book in English.

December 21, 2015

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Can we say 'We are writing an English book?'


I'm not completely sure, but to me 'English book' sounds like a book about English (e.g. a grammar guide) rather than a book written in English.


I agree. How would one write 'We are writing an English book' then?

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"Piszemy angielską książkę" would be "an English book", I think


That should be correct It's true that it can have a different meaning but it should be considered a correct translation


"An English book" could mean several things, based on context. To be perfectly clear that the book is in English as opposed to someother language, "a book in English" works best.


Does po mean in?


only in this context - speaking, writing in a language.

I checked a dictionary http://sjp.pwn.pl/szukaj/po.html po has 19 meanings,

Usually po means after popołudnie= afternoon


Do polish prepositions usually take the nominative then? Or is that not the nominative


Prepositions do not change, so they do not have cases.

Words after preposition take different cases depending on preposition and context.

And here in "po ....u" it's not a real case, it's a special word form of adjective just for this kind of expressions.

I did write somewhere a list of possible meanings of po+ adjective, but it's basically- like we they do it there .

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The preposition "po" takes the locative (also the accusative, if it denotes a direction). Wiktionary has a long list of meanings of this preposition, and I just learned that "po angielsku " is not called locative but "historic dative" - a case that looks exactly like the locative (and not like today's dative polskiemu).


I'm afraid it doesn't look like Locative at all, no other form looks like that historic Dative used after "po".

Locative of "angielski" is "angielskim" (e.g. "Jestem w angielskim mieście").


Why isn't "we write" a correct answer ?


But it is.... However, if you made an error somewhere in your typing, then the "correct" answer at the top of Duo's list will be shown, and that happens to be the "we are writing" version.

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