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A note to participants in XP competition

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Hello all (participants, anyone),

a note to you about the XP competition I organised.

If you change your username, tell me your old one and your new one below. I will edit my post.

The reason I posted this is because I do not want any confusion.

In the end, voting for captains seemed a bit of a complicated idea.... So I chose them.

The team captain fro team Fire IS...


Awesome work Maurice! :D

Aaaaaand the team captain for team Water ISSSSS....


Well done Jessica! :D

Lastly (is that correct grammar? tell me), The captain of team Earth ISSSSSSSSS.........

drums knees


Great for you Veronica! :D

There is one team and one space left!

<h1>Join now!</h1>

My first XP competition!

Thank you so much if you enter, and thank you current participants.

Another note: in case you have forgotten the XP comp.'s dates, check this post again and again. If you still think you cant keep those dates in mind, I will tell you the dates again every so often. :)

~ Reelie-nuts

(PS: If you can cannot join, I would be very grateful if you donated to the donation box. Thanks in advance!)

2 years ago