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  5. "Je n'ai pas l'heure."

"Je n'ai pas l'heure."

Translation:I do not have the time.

January 11, 2013



I used "I do not know the time", got a heart reduced :-(


It seems to me that it would be perfectly acceptable to also translate this as "I don't know what time it is," since "I do not have the time" isn't exactly in common usage to convey that meaning in English (at least in American English).


Does this translate as: "I don't have the time (do to something?) or I don't have the time (of day?) Peut-ĂȘtre les deux?


Ok thanks for that Hohenems


No problem! (No need to delete the question/comment...it might have helped others)


Literally, is this not "I don't have the hour"? Up until now, on Duo, "I don't have the time" has been "Je n'ai pas le temps." Now, suddenly it's "Je n'ai pas l'heure." Do they have the same meaning--or not?

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