"It is necessary that I work a lot."

Translation:Çok çalışmam lazım.

December 22, 2015

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'Çok çalışmam gerekiyor' was also accepted - what's the difference between using gerekiyor and lazım here? Are they interchangeable?


As far as I know, they are completely interchangeable :-)


You could actually use,

gerek and gerekli too and they are all interchangeable in this sentence structure at the very least.

Lazım originates from Arabic and gerekiyor is from a Turkic origin I believe.


Before, there was the sentence "i need to drink water" (using the same "lazım"-construction) and I translated it as "It is necessary for me to drink water", but I was marked wrong for it. Now here we have the same construction and this time it's suddenly correct to translate it as "It is necessary to ..."? I don't get it.


Because all the possibilities of translation are not suggested in only one lesson, about only one sentence. I think.


Don't stop at the first words of the sentence! Surely you can see that "It is necessary for me to drink water" is not the same construction as "It is necessary that I work a lot"?


A personal ending is used on çalışma because there's no verb with a subject ending, right? If 'lazım' was replaced, would something like Çok çalışma seviyorum (without a personal ending on çalışma) be correct?


Makes sense to me.


Why benim instead of ben?


So the structure/logic of this sentence is totally different than the English one. The literal translation is would be something like "My working a lot is necessary" where the subject is "working."

It is the same here. The subject is "çalışma,' which get the possessive ending when you want it to be "my working" :)


Why not "Ben çok çalışmam lazım."?


No, "ben" is not correct. The subject of the sentence is "my working a lot" -- not "I." You can start the sentence with an optional "benim," but not with "ben."


Can I use bircok instead of cok? This was marked wrong.


You can only use birçok with countable nouns.


Oh, thanks a lot.

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