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"It is necessary that I work a lot."

Translation:Çok çalışmam lazım.

December 22, 2015



Why benim instead of ben?


So the structure/logic of this sentence is totally different than the English one. The literal translation is would be something like "My working a lot is necessary" where the subject is "working."

It is the same here. The subject is "çalışma,' which get the possessive ending when you want it to be "my working" :)


'Çok çalışmam gerekiyor' was also accepted - what's the difference between using gerekiyor and lazım here? Are they interchangeable?


As far as I know, they are completely interchangeable :-)


You could actually use,

gerek and gerekli too and they are all interchangeable in this sentence structure at the very least.

Lazım originates from Arabic and gerekiyor is from a Turkic origin I believe.


Before, there was the sentence "i need to drink water" (using the same "lazım"-construction) and I translated it as "It is necessary for me to drink water", but I was marked wrong for it. Now here we have the same construction and this time it's suddenly correct to translate it as "It is necessary to ..."? I don't get it.


A personal ending is used on çalışma because there's no verb with a subject ending, right? If 'lazım' was replaced, would something like Çok çalışma seviyorum (without a personal ending on çalışma) be correct?


Makes sense to me.

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