"He will never write this book."

Translation:Nigdy nie napisze tej książki.

December 22, 2015

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Chodzi o George Martin?


Why only Nigdy nie napiszę? Where is He?


I know in polish we can remove a Person but... This sentence have more sense with He


Omitting 3rd person pronoun isn't that common as others, but still, in real life you have context. If you were just talking about John and his attempts to write a book, there's absolutely no need to mention John/He in every sentence. He's known from the context.


Można też powiedzieć: on tej książki nigdy nie napisze


Można, dodałem.


why 'nigdy nie on napisze tej książki' wrong? 'napisać' doesn't have different past tense by gender. (on/ona/ono)


If you use the subject pronoun, it almost always is at the beginning of the sentence/clause, otherwise it is likely to not mean what you intended. You didn't negate "writing this book", you negated "him". Although that doesn't really mean that the sentence makes some sense, I'm afraid it doesn't.


Nigdy tej książki nie napiszę. What's wrong here?


Normally I'd say that going aways from the Subject-Verb-Object word order is too unlikely. With this particular sentence, I can imagine someone saying it with resignation and using this word order, so I can add it here. But again, it's not the basic word order.

Well, actually this sentence is about 'him', not 'me', so it's "nie napisze". Which makes your word order a bit less likely than if I was talking about myself and my book, but let's still add it.

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